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Brain Power: Grades K-1

Introductory Story for Module 4

The kids are getting ready to go bike riding. They are strapping on their helmets and other safety gear.

Beth asks, "Max, where’s your helmet and safety gear?"

"I’m a good bike rider. I’m not going to fall," Max explains.

Juan responds, "Well, we’re all good riders, but sometimes things happen that you don’t expect. And you don’t want to hit the pavement without protective gear. You could really get hurt."

Corty appears. "No one is going bike riding without safety gear. And anyway, I’ve got a mission for you. I want you to find five ways to keep your brain healthy. And I’ll give you a hint: Wearing a helmet is number one."

Juan says, "Great, now we can go bike riding!"

"Better think about that, Juan! Bike riding is a clue to one of the other ways to keep your brain healthy," says Beth.

"Could another one be exercise? Does exercise help your brain?" asks Beth.

"We already learned that our brains are part of our bodies—right in our heads—so maybe it does," replies Julia.

"Okay. So protecting our heads is one way to keep our brains healthy. And the second way is exercise," says Beth.

"All this thinking is making me tired," sighs Max.

Beth says, "Maybe you didn’t get enough sleep last night."

Juan jumps in, "That’s it! The third way to keep your brain healthy is to make sure you get enough sleep! Okay, so two more."

"Let’s figure this out later. I’m hungry," complains Max.

"My mom says that eating right is a good way to stay healthy," says Julia.

Beth says, "That’s it, Julia! That’s the fourth way to keep your brain healthy."

Julia confirms, "Protect your head, exercise, get enough sleep, and eat right."

"But what’s number five?" asks Juan.

"What about brushing your teeth or taking baths? My mom says that’s good for me," says Julia.

"You’re right, Julia. They’re both good things for you, but they don’t help your brain.

What is the fifth way?" asks Beth.

Corty suddenly appears. "The fifth way to keep your brain healthy is something you may not know much about yet: Don’t do things like smoking or drinking alcohol. Has anyone told you about that?"

Beth says, "My mom says smoking is bad."

"And my dad says kids shouldn’t drink alcohol. But I didn’t know it could hurt your brain," says Juan.

Corty replies, "Well, it sure can. And we’re going to find out more about that next time!"

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