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Brain Power: Grades 6-9


As students complete the activities in the module, observe whether they have mastered the following:

  1. Can students explain the effects of methamphetamine in the brain? Can they explain how these changes can result in addiction?
  2. Can students explain the effects of steroids in the brain? Can they explain the dramatic effects the drug can have on the body?
  3. Can students list the serious effects of MDMA abuse?
  4. Can students list the types of date rape drugs and their effects on the brain and body? Do they realize the prevalence of these drugs in society?
  5. Do students recognize the prevalence of information on drugs in the news? Can students articulate why drug abuse is such an important topic for the media?
  6. Have students become more critical consumers of information about drugs of abuse? Are they able to recognize inaccuracy or imbalance in news coverage, if present?

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