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Brain Power: Grades 6-9

Drugs in the Cupboard (Module 3)

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This module explains how prescription drugs and some household products can damage the brain and body when used improperly. Household products are called inhalants when they are abused. These drugs are particularly prone to misuse because they are often found in the home and are easily accessible. Prescription drugs and inhalants are not dangerous when they are used as intended. However, they can lead to serious side effects, even death, when used inappropriately.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this module:

  • At the end of this module:
  • Students can explain the effects of prescription drugs.
  • Students can explain how prescription drugs affect the functioning of the brain and body when not used properly.
  • Students understand how inhalants can change the brain.
  • Students understand why it is important to use medication as instructed.

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