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Brain Power: Grades 4-5


The following activities provide a link to other areas in the curriculum.

  1. Have the students look through newspapers and magazines. Tell them to cut out any articles that relate to the brain or brain research. They can compile their articles into a scrapbook.
  2. Have the students write a story based on what they learned about the brain and brain research. The story could be about a child who needed to undergo a test because of an illness, a scientific breakthrough, or what brain research will be like 50 years from now. Encourage them to use their imaginations as well as their knowledge to write a creative, interesting story.
  3. Have the students draw a cartoon strip illustrating a day in the life of a brain researcher. Suggest that they base their comic strips on the DVD they watched.
  4. Have the students take a brain dominance self-assessment to find out if they are left or right brained. These tests can easily be found on the Internet.

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