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Brain Power: Grades 2-3

The Science Behind Smoking (Module 5)

You can also download this entire module in PDF format by clicking the following link: Module 5 (PDF, 3.6B).


In Module 4, students were introduced to a wide range of medicines and drugs. They learned about the importance of taking the proper dosage of medicine given by a parent or a health care professional. They also learned about some substances that are harmful. In this module, students focus on tobacco, which causes harm to the body, and nicotine, a drug found in the leaves of the tobacco plant. By performing a controlled experiment, students see for themselves the unhealthy residue that tobacco leaves. They also learn about nicotine and how it can cause addiction.

Learning Objectives

  • Students perform a controlled experiment to discover the effect that tobacco has on the body.
  • Students discuss the effect that nicotine has on the body.
  • Students gain experience developing a hypothesis, performing a controlled experiment, and drawing conclusions from the experiment.

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