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Brain Power: Grades 2-3

Relationship to the National Science Education Standards

This mission aligns with several standards identified in the NSES: overall physical science standards, the history and nature of science, and standards for science as inquiry. The charts below show how the mission aligns with the standards.

Physical Science Standards
Levels K–4 How Mission Is Aligned
Properties of objects and materials Students observe the mystery goo, identify its properties, predict what it is made of, and develop an investigation to check their predictions.
History and Nature of Science
Levels K–4 How Mission Is Aligned
Science as a human endeavor After viewing the DVD showing different kinds of scientists, students begin to understand that science encompasses many disciplines. Because they, too, will be working as scientists, they also start to realize that anyone who asks questions and tries to find the answers to their questions is a scientist.
Science as Inquiry
Levels K–4 How Mission Is Aligned
Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry Students go through the steps of scientific inquiry: observing, making predictions, experimenting to test their predictions, and drawing conclusions.
Understandings about scientific inquiry Students learn about different kinds of scientists who ask different questions and develop original experiments to answer their questions.


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