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Brain Power: Grades 2-3


The lists below include resources for teachers and students.

Resources for Teachers

  • National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)
    www.drugabuse.gov, 301-443-1124
    This Web site contains information about drug abuse and a section designed specifically for parents, teachers, and students.
  • NIDA DrugPubs
    drugpubs.drugabuse.gov , 877-NIDA-NIH (877-643-2644)
    Drug Pubs is NIDA’s research dissemination center. Visitors can order hard copies of NIDA publications or download electronic versions in multiple formats.
  • Sara’s Quest
    This site from NIDA contains a multiple choice game on a variety of drug related categories.
  • National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information (NCADI)
    store.samhsa.gov, 1-800-662-HELP (4357)
    NCADI provides information and materials on substance abuse. Many free publications are available here.
  • ENC Learning Inc.
    This Web site provides useful information and products to improve mathematics and science teaching and learning.
  • Bellenir, K., ed. Drug Abuse Sourcebook. Health Reference Series, Vol. 14. Omnigraphics, Inc., 2010. Basic health-related information about the abuse of legal and illegal substances such as alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and cocaine.
  • Greenfield, S. A. The Human Brain: A Guided Tour. New York: Basic Books, 1998. Written for a lay audience, provides a holistic view of the brain as an integral part of the body; part of the Science Masters Series.

Resources for Students

  • National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)—Mind Over Matter
    Series developed to educate children about the effects of drug abuse on the body and the brain.
  • Friedman, D., & Neuhaus, D. Focus on Drugs and the Brain. Frederick, MD: Twenty-First Century Books, 1990. Part of the “Drug-Alert Book” series. Describes the function of the brain and nervous system and how drugs affect the body.
  • Neuroscience for Kids
    Explores the brain and spinal cord; lists the effects of drugs on the brain and nervous system.

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