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Brain Power: Grades 2-3

Relationship to the National Science Education Standards

This mission aligns with several standards identified in the NSES: unifying concepts and processes, life science content standards, and standards for science as inquiry. The charts on the next page identify how the mission aligns with each of these standards.

Unifying Concepts and Proceses
Levels K–4 How Mission Is Aligned
Systems, order, and organization The mission introduces students to the idea that the brain is one system that is part of a larger system–the human body–and that both systems work together to enable people to function.
Life Science Standards
Levels K–4 How Mission Is Aligned
Characteristics of organisms This mission introduces students to the concept that all animals have some kind of brain and that there are similarities and differences among the brains of different organisms.
Science as Inquiry
Levels K–4 How Mission Is Aligned
Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry Students go through the steps of scientific inquiry: observing, making predictions, completing an investigation to test their predictions, and drawing conclusions.

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