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Brain Power: Grades 2-3


The following activities provide a link to other areas in the curriculum. They also help reinforce what was learned during the module and make use of the trading cards.

  1. Have the students, either individually or in groups, draw a picture of the brain. Have them label each part and identify at least one function of each part.
  2. Have the students, either individually or in groups, write a couple of sentences in response to the following prompt: “My brain is amazing because...”
  3. Divide the class into pairs. Have one student give clues to the other about each part of the brain. Students may want to act out what that part of the brain does. Have students use the trading cards to play.
  4. Have students, either individually or in groups, create new trading cards about the brain. They can be on different parts of the brain, scientists who study the brain, or different activities the brain enables us to do.

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