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Brain Power: Grades 2-3

Brains in a Box: What Your Brain Can Do (Module 2)

You can also download this entire module in PDF format by clicking the following link: Module 2 (PDF, 9MB).


During the second Brain Power! mission, students learn about four major parts of the brain and their functions. The students work in small groups to create a three-dimensional model of the brain made of Play-Doh. Using the trading cards supplied in the module, students discover what each part does.

This mission has the following goals:

  • To give students an opportunity to visualize the brain;
  • To make students aware that the brain has different parts that perform different functions;
  • To help students understand that the brain is the control center for the body.

Learning Objectives

  • Students learn that the brain has different parts.
  • Students create a model of the brain showing its four major parts.
  • Students identify the function of each of these parts of the brain.

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