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Revised January 2020

Research Supplements to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research (Admin Supp - Clinical Trial Not Allowed)
Program Directors/Principal Investigators holding specific types of research grants (see the FOA for activity codes) can apply for administrative supplements to improve the diversity of the research workforce by recruiting and supporting students, post-doctorates, and eligible investigators from diverse backgrounds, including those from groups that have been shown to be underrepresented in health-related research. This supplement opportunity is also available to PDs/PIs of research grants who are or become disabled and need additional support to accommodate their disability in order to continue to work on the research project. Administrative supplements must support work within the scope of the original project.
Read more about this supplement opportunity.

NIDA Diversity Supplement Professional Development Workshop
Each year, NIDA hosts an annual two-day Diversity Supplement Workshop to bring together current NIDA Diversity Supplement recipients at the predoctoral, postdoctoral, and early investigator levels. Participants meet and network with NIDA program staff, senior officials, and other investigators. This workshop is a great opportunity for supplement recipients to receive critical guidance on pursuing funding opportunities and how to transition to independent research careers.
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NIDA Diversity Scholars Network (NDSN)
The NDSN is a competitive, rigorous, and comprehensive program aimed at enhancing the funding success of underrepresented early-stage investigators conducting substance abuse and addiction research. The NDSN program consists of two separate meetings with an interim application development period to assist scholars in applying for and receiving NIH career development awards and research grants.
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Maximizing Opportunities for Scientific and Academic Independent Careers (MOSAIC) Postdoctoral Career Transition Award to Promote Diversity (K99/R00 - Independent Clinical Trial Not Allowed)
The purpose of the MOSAIC Postdoctoral Career Transition Award is to support a cohort of career, independent investigators from diverse backgrounds conducting research in NIH mission areas. The long-term goal of this program is to enhance diversity in the biomedical research workforce. The program is designed to facilitate a timely transition of promising postdoctoral researchers from diverse backgrounds from their mentored, postdoctoral research positions to independent, tenure-track or equivalent faculty positions at research-intensive institutions.
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FOA: PAR-19-343

BRAIN Initiative Advanced Postdoctoral Career Transition Award to Promote Diversity (K99/R00 Independent Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

BRAIN Initiative Advanced Postdoctoral Career Transition Award to Promote Diversity (K99/R00 Independent Clinical Trial Required)
The BRAIN Initiative K99/R00 award is designed to improve the skills needed to progress from postdoctoral training to junior faculty and to increase workforce diversity in research areas supported by the BRAIN Initiative, as highlighted in BRAIN 2025: A Scientific Vision (including multidisciplinary areas at the interface of neuroscience and single-cell multiomics, neurotechnologies, bioengineering, computer science, statistics, mathematics, physics, chemistry and neuroethics).

Eligible individuals are citizens or permanent residents from nationally underrepresented groups with no more than five years of postdoctoral research experience. Women are considered eligible candidates for this diversity program.

For a list of prior awardees https://braininitiative.nih.gov/brain-programs/training/k99r00-awardees

FOA: RFA-NS-19-043 
FOA: RFA-NS-19-044
For information on BRAIN K99/R00 funding opportunities and research proposals, contact Olivier Berton, NIDA Program Director, Olivier.berton@nih.gov.

Loan Repayment Program (LRP)
NIDA participates in three of the Loan Repayment Programs: Clinical, Pediatric, and Health Disparities Research. In exchange for a 2-year research commitment in clinical, pediatric, or health disparities research related to substance use disorders, NIDA will repay qualified educational debt up to $50,000 per year during this 2-year period.
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NIDA Diversity Scholars Travel Awards
NIDA Diversity Scholars Travel Awards are offered to graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and early-state investigators conducting substance abuse and addiction research. The monetary travel awards help with the cost of attending national scientific conferences that open doors for networking, presenting posters or oral talks, as well as other career development opportunities.
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National Research Mentoring Network (NRMN)
The NRMN is a national network of mentors and mentees from all biomedical disciplines relevant to the NIH mission that provides mentorship, professional development, mentor/mentee training, and networking resources to individuals from the undergraduate to early career faculty levels. NRMN’s initiatives include a web-based mentor networking platform, in-person conferences and online training sessions, grantsmanship workshops, and in-depth one-on-one mentoring sessions.
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