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American Psychiatric Association Adapted NIDA Modified ASSIST Tools

Revised November 2015

For further clinical evaluation and research, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) has adapted the NIDA-Modified ASSIST for adults and adolescents (ages 11-17) to self-administer the screening tool and for parents/guardians to administer with their children (ages 6-17).  These measures are considered by the APA as “emerging measures” and should be used to enhance clinical decision-making but not as the sole basis for making a clinical diagnosis.  Please visit the APA site for more information.

APA Self-Administered Screening Tools

Screening Tool Drugs/Alcohol Other Symptoms
Level 1: Pre-Screen/General Screen (PDF, 390KB) X X
Level 2: Substance Use Screen/Adapted NM ASSIST (PDF, 476KB) X  
Adolescents, Ages 11-17
Level 1: Pre-Screen/General Screen (PDF, 273KB) X X
Level 2: Substance Use Screen/Adapted NM ASSIST (PDF, 481KB) X  
Parent/Guardian of Child Ages 6-17
Level 1: Pre-Screen/General Screen (PDF, 394KB) X X
Level 2: Substance Use Screen/Adapted NM ASSIST (PDF, 487KB) X  

This page was last updated November 2015