NIDA Notes Policy on Questions for Researchers

NIDA Notes welcomes your questions for the investigator/s who performed the research described in this article. Every submitted question will be reviewed by NIDA Notes and forwarded to the investigator if it:

  • Is posed in the form of a question (i.e., as opposed to a comment or suggestion).
  • References this particular study’s methodology, findings, interpretation, or implications.
  • Has not already been addressed in a posted response to another query.
  • Is no longer than 250 words.
  • Does not contain offensive language, promote any service or product, voice support for drug use or any illegal activity, contain a link to any commercial or private website, or otherwise violate NIDA’s Comment Policy.

Investigators will respond to forwarded questions at their discretion. We will post questions that receive responses, with the responses, as promptly as we can. Questions that are posted will appear exactly as received, without abridgement or editing.