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NIDA Notes Articles: Nicotine

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Expression of a Gene in the Brain Links Nicotine Addiction to Diabetes

May 2020
Rats with a disrupted transcription factor 7-like 2 (Tcf7l2) gene in the medial habenula showed markedly greater nicotine intake than control rats. Reduced Tcf7l2 expression in the medial habenula reduced the normally observed increase in blood sugar in response to nicotine.

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Nicotine and Cannabis Have Offsetting Effects on Resting Brain Connectivity

June 2019
These findings add to research showing that nicotine and cannabis have interactive effects on brain structure and function. They also suggest that specialized treatment interventions may be appropriate for people who use both drugs.

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Research Links Adolescent Substance Use to Adult Brain Volumes

April 2019
This research revealed associations between nicotine, alcohol, and marijuana use during two periods of adolescence and smaller gray matter volume in two brain areas at age 25.

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