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Past Meetings & Events

November 19, 2014
Neuroscience 2014
Location: Washington, DC
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November 18, 2014
Novel RNA Modifications in the Nervous System: Form and Function
Location: Washington, D.C.
November 15, 2014
2014 Professional Development Conference
Location: Cleveland, OH
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November 15, 2014
CHADD Annual International Conference
Location: Rosemont, IL
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November 14, 2014
Frontiers in Addiction Research Mini-convention
Location: Natcher Auditorium, NIH Campus
November 12, 2014
Global Addiction Conference 2014
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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November 08, 2014
AMERSA 38th Annual National Conference
Location: San Francisco, CA
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November 07, 2014
2014 AAMC Medical Education Meeting
Location: Chicago, IL
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November 06, 2014
Innovations in Design and Utilization of Measurement Systems to Promote Children's Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Health

The workshop will feature presentations on the use of data linkage and integration to inform research and practice related to children’s cognitive, affective, and behavioral health; the use of quality measures to facilitate system change in health care, classroom, and juvenile justice settings; and tools developed to measure implementation of evidence-based prevention programs at scale to support sustainable program delivery, among other topics

Location: National Academy of Sciences Building, 2101 Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20418
Contact: Amanda Pascavis202-334-3364, Email
November 06, 2014
2014 AAPS Annual Meeting & Exposition
Location: San Diego, CA
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November 05, 2014
2014 ANA Staffing Conference
Location: New Orleans, LA
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November 02, 2014
CCAPP Annual Conference
Location: San Diego, CA
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