Depression: Out of the Darkness and Into the Light (Eliminating Stigma Lecture Series)


Biomedical Research Center–Room 3C211


NIDA Intramural Research Program

Additional Information

Part of a series of lectures in the Eliminating Stigma lecture series from the NIDA Intramural Research Program (IRP)

Lecturer:  W. Daniel Hale, Ph.D. -  Special Advisor, Office of the President, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center.

December 7, 2017
1:00–2:00 pm
Biomedical Research Center–Room 3C211
Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

For those off campus, the lecture can be accessed via WebEx
Thursday, December 7, 2017 1:00 pm
Event number: 624 921 253
Event password: NIDAIRP

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