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Screening and Brief Intervention - Referral to Treatment for Drug Abuse (SBIRT) Grantee Meeting


September 30, 2010 (All day) to October 1, 2010 (All day)
Rockville, Maryland, Neuroscience Center, Conference Rooms C & D


Richard A. Denisco, M.D., M.P.H.


Meeting Goals/Objectives:

  • Determine preliminary SBIRT study results - if any, and results of completed studies
  • Discuss barriers to study completion, and ways barriers have been overcome
  • Discuss study successes/accomplishments and ways to implement these successes into ongoing studies
  • Importance: provide evidence base for policy changes, some of which are now occurring

Topics Discussed:

  • Presentations:
    • 15 grantees, 3 of these PI's of completed studies
    • Results, barriers and successes presented
    • SAMHSA and WHO-ASSIST and plans
  • Group discussions:
    • Scientific questions that remain to be addressed (assuming efficacy) for SBIRT dissemination/implementation?
    • Products or dissemination work that would help facilitate the implementation process?
    • Need to validate Computer Based Interventions and short screeners
    • Role of US in world-wide dissemination, resources

Take Home Messages and Conclusions:

  • Conclusions:
    • No results from active studies, but large number, prior with youth/CBI show efficacy
    • Determining mechanism of action of SBIRT important
    • Technology for fidelity issues, training and implementation
    • Select one drug to study
    • Efficacy must be shown
  • Future Research:
    • Best indirect/proxy measures for outcomes
    • Mechanism of action of SBIRT
    • Bundled or Individual SBIRT programs most effective/practical, OBSSR initiative
    • Studies with Youth and injured youth, vulnerable populations, pregnant
    • SBIRT studies in different settings
    • MJ and health consequences
    • Studies re: optimal dissemination/implementation
    • What is the level of evidence needed for world-wide implementation of SBIRT as universal intervention

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