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Adolescent Drug Abuse Screening in General Medical Settings: Resources for Clinicians


May 27, 2010 (All day)
Rockville, Maryland, Neuroscience Center


Ericka Boone


NIDA Planning Group
Gaya Dowling
Ericka Boone
Wilson Compton
Redonna Chandler
Richard Denisco
Jacqueline Lloyd
Geetha Subramaniam
Petra Jacobs

Meeting Goals/Objectives

  • Expectations from Meeting
    • To discuss the current state of the science and the most effective approaches for adolescent screening in primary care settings
    • To inform NIDA’s development of an electronic adolescent drug screening tool and resource guide for clinicians.
  • Why important?
    • The high prevalence of substance abuse among adolescents calls for targeted effective intervention strategies.
    • Primary care settings provide a unique opportunity to identify substance youth and prevent their escalation to addiction or refer them to necessary treatment

Topics Discussed

  • Validated adolescent screening instruments
  • Considerations for different ages/developmental stages
  • Key decision points when selecting or creating a screener (e.g., purpose of the screener, risk versus severity, cut points, etc.)
  • Clinical decision support
  • What do physician’s do when a screening is positive
  • Use of technology in adolescent screening tools

Take Home Messages from Talks/Group Discussions

Outcomes from Discussion

  • Two primary evidence-based instruments discussed – CRAFFT and GAIN
  • Pros and cons of embedding drug abuse screening in broader behavioral health care screening
  • Different questions , cut-points, item hierarchies for different adolescent stages
  • Research on brief intervention for teens ongoing – Bernstein paper only published study
  • Incorporation of technology in screener is key, but technology changes quickly
  • Screening for prescription drug abuse calls for different approach – no one has studied yet
  • American Academy of Pediatrics will be releasing a policy statement on SBI using CRAFFT and brief advice at the end of summer
  • NIAAA will be releasing their adolescent screen at the end of the summer – not based on CRAFFT

Future Directions

  • Research
    • Validation of CRAFFT prescreen
    • SBI for prescription drug abuse
    • Long-term trajectories for kids who screen positive on existing screens – for USPSTF
  • NIDA adolescent screen???
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