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Researchers Attend Meeting on the Basic Parent Management Training-Oregon Model

NIDA supported the participation of two U.S. researchers at a November 23–27, 2010, meeting in Mexico City on the Basic Parent Management Training-Oregon (PMTO) Model. The meeting was organized by Dr. Maria Elena Medina-Mora Icaza, Mexican National Institute of Psychiatry, “Dr. Ramón de la Fuente Múñiz,” to advance the binational research project, Development and Implementation of a Training Model in Positive Parenting Practices in Mexican Families With Children Who Present Behavior Problems. The project aims to implement and evaluate the effectiveness of family-based drug abuse prevention programs in Mexico and with Latino families living in the United States. In preparation for a randomized controlled trial of the model’s effectiveness, Dr. Melanie Domenech-Rodriguez, Utah State University, and Dr. Ana Baumann, Washington University, certified 12 Mexican professionals as therapists in the PMTO model to ensure the fidelity of the PMTO implementation. The collaborative research team also includes Dr. Jorge Villatoro Velázquez and Dr. Nancy Amador Buenabad of the National Institute of Psychiatry.

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