Research Tools

These tools will help drug abuse professionals improve their understanding of important concepts and strengthen their research skills. The guide was designed by experts and tested by international researchers.

  • Drugs and Alcohol: Open Access Sources
    Created by Virginia Commonwealth University, this guide facilitates free, immediate access to scholarly peer-reviewed publications through a variety of global Open Access initiatives. The guide also includes Google Custom Search Engines, as well as tips and tutorials that focus on information literacy skills to help users locate and evaluate research evidence.
  • PhenX Toolkit
    NIDA encourages researchers conducting human-subjects research to use the standard measures developed for this toolkit, especially the 43 measures in the PhenX Substance Abuse and Addiction Project. The toolkit describes each measure along with the standard protocols and requirements for data collection, such as training, personnel, equipment, or licensing fees.
  • e-Source
    The 20 chapters include interactive exercises on designing research projects; selecting research methods to describe how or why something happens, or to confirm the effectiveness of an intervention; and emerging research challenges in behavioral and social sciences research.