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Regional Conference Will Address Addiction in Africa and the Middle East

The 2nd Africa and Middle East Congress on Addiction (AMECA) will take place in Rabat, Morocco, November 14–16, 2014. The conference will focus on issues in addiction and related psychiatric disorders, including epidemiology, diagnosis and assessment, treatment approaches, community and population research, and health care policy. AMECA, the Khat Research Program, and the Arab Network for Behavioral Medicine are organizing the conference in collaboration with Mohammed V University in Rabat, Morocco. NIDA grantee Mustafa al’Absi, Ph.D., chairs the scientific committee. Dr. al’Absi directs the Khat Research Program and the Duluth Medical Research Institute at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Prof. Dr. Nouria Lakhdar-Ghazal, Mohammed V-Agdal University, chairs the local organizing committee. For more information, see http://khatresearch.org/AMECA/.

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