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Photos from the 2010 International Forum

  • Marya Hynes Dowell, CICAD, speaking into microphone at podium.
  • Gvantsa Piralishvili, Georgia; George Woody, University of Pennsylvania; Flavio Pechansky, Brazil; Irma Kirtadze, Georgia, standing together and smiling.
  • Fernanda Mnhoz Driemeier, Anderson Ravy Stalf, Sibele Faller, Flavio Pechansky, Felix Kessler, all from Porto Alegre, Brazil, standing in a group and smiling.
  • Thomas F. Babor, University of Connecticut, presenting Monica Malta, Brazil, with ISAJE/WHO Young Scholars award.
  • Thomas Babor, University of Connecticut and Robin Room, Australia holding their NIDA Awards of Excellence and standing next to Steve Gust, NIDA.
  • Els van Gessele, The Netherlands speaking to Tom McLellan, ONDCP.
  • Raka Jain, India, and Eva Keller, Hungary, sitting and listening to presentations during the plenary session.
  • John Strang, United Kingdom; Peter Reuter, University of Maryland; Robin Room, Australia, sitting at the head table of the plenary session.
  • Thai N. Hoang, Vietnam and Minh Huong, Vietnam, smiling while sitting and listening during the plenary session.
  • Petra Jacobs, NIDA and Ivan Montoya, NIDA sitting and listening to presentations.
  • Mike Walsh, The Walsh Group and Alain Verstraete, Belgium looking at a laptop screen.
  • Steve Gust, NIDA speaking to Olaf Drummer, Australia.
  • Methinin Pinyuchon, Thailand standing behind podium delivering presentation.
  • Adhi Nurhidayat, Indonesia; Dave Metzger, University of Pennsylvania; Sam Friedman, NDRI and Bijan Nassirimanesh, Canada sitting at a table conversing with each other.
  • Jeff Samet, Boston University; Evgeny Krupitsky, Russia; and Edwin Zvartau, Russia sitting around a table discussing notes.
  • Wilson Compton, NIDA and Vladimir Poznyack, WHO speaking to each other.
  • Rawnak Aqrawi, Iraq and Dale Weiss, NIDA standing together next to Rawnaks poster presentation.
  • Frances H. Gabbay, USUHS and Steve Gust, NIDA standing together and smiling.
  • Alex Walley, Univ of Boston and Nhu To Nguyen, Vietnam speaking to each other in front of Dr. Nguyens poster presentation.
  • Many people walking in and around poster boards during the poster session.
  • Carl Leukefeld, University of Kentucky; Walter Ling, UCLA; Clyde McCoy, University of Miami standing and talking to each other.
  • Wendee Wechsberg, RTI International and Bronwyn Myers, South Africa standing and talking to another woman.
  • Maria Ellgren, AstraZeneca, Sweden and Eva Keller, Hungary standing together and smiling in front of poster presentations.
  • Vladimir Poznyack, WHO; Evgeny Krupitsky, Russia and Edwin Zvartau, Russia standing together.
  • Bruna Brands, Health Canada talking to Vladimir Poznyack, WHO
  • Wenhua Zhou, China listening to Dave Shurtleff, NIDA in front of Dr. Zhous poster presentation.
  • Dale Weiss, NIDA and Walter Ling, UCLA standing next to each other and smiling.
  • Bob Balster, Virginia Commonwealth University

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