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Number 17, September 2007

This E-News Letter is issued every other month to inform the international drug abuse research community about:

What’s New

NIDA Commits $1.5 million for FY 2008

International Research Collaborations to Study HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse
Letter of Intent Deadline: November 28, 2007
Application Deadline: December 28, 2007
NIDA will award up to $1.5 million during FY 2008 in preparing.htm for instructions).

U.S. - Spain Joint Research Supports Community Reinforcement Approach Plus Vouchers in Treating Spanish Cocaine Abusers

A binational team of researchers from the University of Oviedo, Spain, and the University of Vermont has concluded that community reinforcement approach (CRA) plus vouchers treatment is effective and generalizable to a community treatment setting outside the United States. Writing in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment (linkinghub.elsevier.com/retrieve/pii/S074054720700089X), Dr. Roberto Secades-Villa and his colleagues report on a study of Spanish cocaine abusers who sought treatment that found patients who received CRA plus vouchers treatment were more likely than those who received standard care to complete 24 weeks of treatment and remain abstinent from cocaine.

Guidelines for Drugged Driving Research Released at ICADTS/TIAFT Meeting (800KB)

NIDA has published an international consensus report setting guidelines for future international research into driving under the influence of drugs (DUID). The report contains recommendations for behavioral, epidemiological, and toxicological research into various aspects of DUID, such as roadside surveys, prevalence studies, hospital studies, and fatality and crash investigations. The guidelines were developed by NIDA, the European Commission, the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), the French Society of Analytical Toxicology, the International Council on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety (ICADTS), and The International Association of Forensic Toxicology (TIAFT). The report was released at the joint meeting of ICADTS and TIAFT in Seattle, Washington, August 26 - 30, 2007. Three scientific tracks at the meeting examined DUID; behavioral, post-mortem, and analytical toxicology; and road safety. In addition to NIDA, the U.S. National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration and Transport Canada also provided meeting support.

NIDA Assesses Its Impact on Southern Africa

The NIDA Southern Africa Initiative: Research Progress and Perspectives, assembled NIDA officials and representatives from the binational research teams supported by NIDA's Southern Africa Administrative Supplements and other grant funds to discuss ongoing research in Southern Africa, the impact of NIDA funding on research and capacity development, and barriers encountered while conducting research in the region. Presenters discussed findings from projects investigating the etiology, epidemiology, prevention, and treatment of drug abuse, tobacco use, and HIV and hepatitis - particularly among vulnerable populations such as women, children, adolescents, and prisoners. Significant accomplishments included the installation of the first fMRI unit in Africa and the adaptation and validation of several U.S. interventions for use in South Africa. The research teams also reported that the administrative supplement research has already resulted in three R01 research grant awards and one R21 exploratory/developmental research grant, more than 30 publications in international scientific journals, 137 presentations at scientific meetings, and significant capacity building efforts within South Africa. Capacity building included mentoring for individuals pursuing advanced academic degrees and training programs in research methods, treatment protocols, and prevention interventions. Based on research conducted, two researchers were awarded Ph.D. degrees and one researcher was awarded a Master’s degree.

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Funding Opportunities

International Research Collaborations to Study HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse
Letter of Intent Deadline: November 28, 2007
Application Deadline: December 28, 2007

International Research Collaboration on Drug Addiction

The NIDA International Program solicits collaborative research proposals on drug abuse and addiction that take advantage of unusual talent, resources, populations, or environmental conditions in other countries; speed scientific discovery; and meet NIDA research priorities. The Program Announcements expire January 3, 2009. Funds are available for research using three grant mechanisms: R01: PA-07-275, R03: PA-07-311, or R21: PA-07-310.

Ongoing NIDA International Program Research and Training Opportunities

Existing NIDA-Supported Funding Opportunities

Other Funding Opportunities

U.S.-Egypt Joint Board on Scientific and Technological Cooperation Joint Research Grants

Deadline: October 22, 2007

Applications are being accepted for binational U.S. and Egyptian projects, including support for workshops, junior scientist exchange visits, up to $60,000 to support the additional costs of binational cooperation, and up to four $180,000 grants for multidisciplinary research projects.

Canadian Government Supports U.S.-Canada Research on Global Health Policy

The 2007-08 Canadian Studies Grant Program aims to enhance and sustain the study of Canada and Canada-U.S. relations; to encourage research, exchanges, teaching, student mobility, and dialogue; and to foster collaboration between researchers in the U.S. and Canada. Grants are available for a number of programs, including writing a research article, conducting dissertation research, developing academic courses, holding conferences, conducting outreach to elementary and secondary school teachers, or expanding library holdings. The 2006-07 Canadian Studies Grant Program provided support to faculty, researchers, and graduate students at 83 universities, colleges, and institutions in 33 states. More than 110 projects were funded on a wide range of topics and in many disciplines. For a list of grant recipients and their projects, see: http://www.canadainternational.gc.ca/washington/studies-etudes/programs-programmes.aspx?lang=eng.

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Research Training and Exchange Updates

For current information on NIDA and NIH training and exchange programs, please visit the following Web pages:

Ongoing NIDA International Program Research and Training Exchange Programs

NIDA, State Department Select 2007-2008 Hubert H. Humphrey Drug Abuse Research Fellows

NIDA and the U.S. Department of State have selected nine international drug abuse professionals as 2007-2008 Hubert H. Humphrey Drug Abuse Research Fellows. The two agencies co-sponsor competitive, 10-month awards that provide academic training at the Virginia Commonwealth University and six-week professional affiliations with NIDA-supported researchers. The new VCU Humphrey Fellows include:

  • Raina Abou El-enein, Egypt (NIDA sponsored)
  • Rawnak Aqrawi, Iraq
  • Arian Boci, Albania
  • Fatima El Omari, Morocco (NIDA sponsored)
  • Marisa Felicíssimo, Brazil (NIDA sponsored)
  • Rushit Ismajli, Serbia
  • Boonsiri Junsirimongkol, Thailand
  • Ruhullah Nassery, Afghanistan
  • Zar Soe, Myanmar

Highlighting NIDA International Program Fellows

  • Highlights of Current Fellows
  • NIH Record Highlights Fellows’ Orientation
    The NIDA International Program orientation for INVEST and Hubert H. Humphrey Drug Abuse Research Fellows was featured in the May 4, 2007 NIH Record, the biweekly newsletter for employees of the National Institutes of Health.

International Neuroscience Fellowship
One to two years of research training in the United States for junior or mid-career level foreign neuroscientists; cosponsored by the National Institute on Aging (NIA).

Fogarty International Center
The Fogarty International Center, the international component of the NIH, addresses global health challenges through innovative and collaborative research and training programs and supports and advances the NIH mission through international partnerships.

  • FIC Grants Information
  • Programs and Initiatives
  • Program Application Deadlines & Review Cycle Dates
  • Fogarty International Center / Ellison Medical Foundation - Overseas Fellowships in Global Health and Clinical Research

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Calendar of Major Scientific Meetings in Drug Abuse Research

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Press Releases

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Other Items of Interest

NIDA Methadone Research Web Guide

National Library of Medicine (NLM)

NIH Library Research Tools

The following information is being provided for informational purposes only. Reference to any Website listed below does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by NIDA/NIH/HHS.

The Research Assistant
NIDA-funded online research tool for behavioral scientists.

Publishing Addiction Research Internationally:


The International Certification in Addiction Medicine for physicians.

Access to Free or Low Cost Online Publications for Researchers

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Reading Corner

Look here for research articles or other publications that may be of interest to the international drug abuse research community.

  • Get Automated My NCBI
  • Perspectives Becomes The Journal of Addiction Science & Clinical Practice
    Effective with the November issue, NIDA will change the title of its scientific journal Perspectives to The Journal of Addiction Science & Clinical Practice. The most widely distributed journal focused on addiction science, the peer-reviewed publication will also now be available through the MEDLINE database, expanding its reach and readership. The new title better reflects the journal's commitment to covering the exchange of ideas and to promote dialogue between scientists and addiction treatment professionals. The publication will now appear twice per year. Past issues can be found at www.drugabuse.gov/perspectives.

The following information is being provided for informational purposes only. Reference to any Website listed below does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by NIDA/NIH/HHS.

The International Journal of Drug Policy has published a special issue on HIV treatment and care for injecting drug users. The complete issue is available for free download until October 31 2007, at: http://www.ijdp.org/. The special issue is guest edited by Andrew Ball, World Health Organization; Michel Kazatchkine, The Global Fund; and Tim Rhodes, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Other Recent Publications

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