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NIDA Poster Session at SfN Highlights Young International Neuroscience Researchers

NIDA organized an Early Career Investigators Poster Session on Friday, November 11, as part of NIDA’s mini-convention on Frontiers in Addiction Research at the Society for Neuroscience Research meeting in Washington, D.C. The invited poster session showcased drug abuse and drug-related neuroscience research by: Victoria Eugenia Mendizábal, Argentina; Kelly J. Clemens, Australia; Isabel Marian Hartmann de Quadros and Sionaldo Ferreira, Brazil; Candace Contet and Marcello Solinas, France; Abraham Zangen, Israel; Michela Ferrucci, Silvana Gaetani, Gloria Lazzeri, Isabel Matias, and Raffaela Tonini, Italy; Bronwyn Kivell and Regan Wisnewski, New Zealand; Marina Rubio, Spain; Camilla Bellone, Switzerland; Y Hakan Dogan and Gorkem Yarabas, Turkey; and Christopher Bailey, Jonathan Lee, and Amy Milton, United Kingdom. The International poster presenters were supported, in part, by NIDA and the: International Union of Pharmacology, International Brain Research Organization, International Narcotics Research Conference, College on Problems of Drug Dependence, International Cannabinoid Research Society, and International Drug Abuse Research Society.

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