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Volatile Substance Abuse Virtual Seminars

Volatile Substance Abuse Virtual Seminars, developed by a multinational working group of inhalant abuse researchers funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and supported by NIDA, explore the epidemiology, neurobiology, prevention, and treatment of inhalant abuse. To view the following virtual seminars, please visit the University of Saskatchewan site Research Chair in Substance Abuse.

Inhalant Abuse Among Children and Adolescents

Consultation on Building an International Research Agenda

If you would like to view these presentations, you may click the links below to request a copy via email.

DISCA Research Team Studies Potential Inhalant Cessation Aid

Distinguished International Scientist Collaboration Award (DISCA) program awardee, Dr. Hwei-Hsien Chen, spent the last 5 months working with Dr. Athina Markou at the University of California, San Diego, to develop a novel pharmaceutical treatment for inhalant abusers. Dr. Chen’s research aimed to characterize the reward-enhancing effect of toluene, a clear liquid with the smell of paint thinners, using the intracranial self-stimulation procedure in mice.

Mexico City Meeting Spurs Local, International Action on Inhalant Abuse

A September 2012 international meeting in Mexico City that focused on inhalant abuse featured presentations by members of the NIDA International Program Inhalant Working Group (IWG) and has already begun yielding results. El Instituto para la Atención y Prevención de las Adicciones en la Ciudad de México (IAPA) hosted the meeting, which attracted more than 200 policymakers, researchers, service providers, and industry representatives. Former NIDA INVEST Fellow and IWG member Silvia Cruz, Ph.D., Cinvestav, chaired the scientific program. NIDA Acting Deputy Director David A.

Letter Calls for Increased Research on Inhalants

Members of the NIDA International Program Inhalant Working Group have published a letter in the Canadian Journal of Public Health [103(6): 473] calling for increased qualitative and quantitative research on inhalant abuse. The letter cites recent findings that inhalants are often the first substance misused by young people, use among girls is increasing, and volatile substances are being marketed in parts of Mexico with the addition of appealing odorants, such as cinnamon or coconut.

International Program Supports Inhalants Symposium at IDARS Meeting

Mexico City hosted the Fourth Annual Meeting of the International Drug Abuse Research Society (IDARS) April 15–19, 2013. More than 100 specialists from 15 countries attended the conference, which focused on neuropharmacological, neurobehavioral, and neurochemical drug abuse research findings in 12 plenary symposia and 2 poster sessions. The NIDA International Program sponsored the symposium, “Research on Inhalant Misuse: From Epidemiology to Epigenetics,” chaired by former NIDA INVEST Fellow Silvia Cruz, Ph.D., Cinvestav, and NIDA grantee John J.