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Mexican Officials Honor CTN Florida Node Alliance for Collaboration

The Instituto Nacional de Psiquiatria Ramón de la Fuente (NIP) of Mexico recently honored Viviana Horigian, Ph.D., University of Miami, and her research colleagues at the NIDA Clinical Trials Network (CTN) Florida Node Alliance (FNA). NIP Director María Elena Medina-Mora, Ph.D., presented the award April 16, 2013, during a ceremony celebrating the first randomized clinical trial completed through a recently formed Mexican network based on the CTN model, which teams substance abuse and mental health researchers with community treatment providers. The Mexican pilot study adapted the CTN-0021 study, “Motivational Enhancement Treatment To Improve Treatment Engagement and Outcome for Spanish-Speaking Individuals Seeking Treatment for Substance Abuse (METS)”. Dr. Horigian, FNA Project Director Rosa Verdeja, M.Ed., and FNA Director of Quality Assurance Elizabeth Alonso, Ph.D., provided training, coaching, and mentoring for NIP Clinical Trials Unit Coordinator Rodrigo Marin-Navarrete, Ph.D., and his colleagues. A second Mexican study, led by Marcela Tiburcio, Ph.D., and Asunción Lara, Ph.D., is being developed to test an online intervention for substance abuse and depression. The U.S. Department of State Merida Initiative for drug demand reduction supported the collaboration between NIP and FNA.

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