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This API documentation has been decommissioned and replaced.
See our new Github page for information new tools and APIs available from NIDA. 

Revised October 2012


To get the first question.

URL: <URLBASE>/get_question


When the user request recieved, the presence and validity of the token_id is checked. If the token_id is a valid one, first question with all its sub questions and options will be returned. 

Sample Request Format

"key": "qtye456ceger", 
"token_id" : "556"


token_id required
key required





Sample Response

  "status": 1,
  "question": {
    "question_id": 1,
    "description": "In the past year, how often have you used the following?",
    "comment": null,
    "sub_questions": [
        "name":"Alcohol ",
        "description":"For men, 5 or more drinks a day. For women, 4 or more drinks a day"
        "sub_question_id": 1
        "name": "Tobacco Products",
        "sub_question_id": 2
        "name": "Prescription Drugs for Non-Medical Reasons",
        "sub_question_id": 3
        "name": "Illegal Drugs",
        "sub_question_id": 4
    "options": [
        "name": "Never",
        "option_id": 1
        "name": "Once or Twice",
        "option_id": 2
        "name": "Monthly",
        "option_id": 3
        "name": "Weekly",
        "option_id": 4
        "name": "Daily or Almost Daily",
        "option_id": 5

Response fields

status Status of the API request
errors Errors if any
messages Messages if any
question Includes question_id, description, comments if any, sub questions and its options
sub_questions An array which includes all the sub questions of the current question. Each sub question has its sub_question_id and name.
options An array which includes all the option of the current question.Each option has an option_id and name.


This page was last updated October 2012