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This API documentation has been decommissioned and replaced.
See our new Github page for information new tools and APIs available from NIDA. 

Revised October 2012


To retrieve all the questions and to evaluate them, the user must need an access token. A request to '/get_token' give a response which includes a token_id.

URL: <URLBASE>/get_token


Each request creates a new user with a token_id.  All further requests are processed using this token_id. 

Sample Request Format

  "key": "qtye456ceger",
  "user": {
            "name": "Ameen",
            "age": "23",
            "sex": "male",
            "interviewer": "Jim",
            "questionnaire_type": 2


key required
name optional
age optional
sex optional
inteviewer optional
questionnaire_type optional. Take values 1 or 2.Default is 1 unless specified


  "status": "1",
  "messages": [
      "message": "Success using API"
  "token_id": 20,
  "name": "ameen",
  "age": "23",
  "sex": "Male",
  "interviewer": "Jim"

Response fields

status Status of the API request
errors Errors if any
token_id Further API call need this token_id


This page was last updated October 2012