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Developers API

This API documentation has been decommissioned and replaced.
See our new Github page for information new tools and APIs available from NIDA. 

Revised October 2012

General Information

  1. The API can be used on demand, or the content can be queried and pulled into a separate database managed by an organization with an account ID.
  2. To leverage the API the developer must register and use a valid API key.
  3. The NIDA Drug Screening Tool API will consistently remain up-to-date due to the automated nature of the system.

Usage Requirements

  1. NIDA content can be presented anywhere on your Web site.
  2. Do not manipulate or alter the calculation of the screening tool results.
  3. If the screening tool is embedded alongside other content, please ensure that the content provides related value, is consistent with the NIDA content, and does not harm the integrity of the NIDA content.
  4. Your application may only send a maximum of 10 requests per second unless you have received prior authorization from NIDA's web team. 

Account Creation

  1. To use the API, an account must be created.
  2. The account ID must be passed as part of the query when using the API.

This page was last updated October 2012