Two Different Brain Regions Are Linked With Nicotine Addiction Severity and Nicotine Withdrawal

Activity in the striatum of people who smoke changed less in response to positive feedback/reward than in nonsmokers; this effect was more pronounced with greater addiction severity. Activity of the habenula was linked to nicotine withdrawal/craving and was reduced by nicotine administration in people who smoke.

Researchers Identify Rare Gene Variants Associated With Smoking and Alcohol Use

International research teams analyzed several hundred thousand samples from 17 whole-exome sequencing studies to identify rare gene variants associated with smoking and alcohol use. They identified rare variants in 117 DNA regions as being associated with specific aspects of nicotine and alcohol use, including some in genes already known to influence these traits.

E-Cigarette Characteristics May Influence Use and Are Potential Targets for Regulatory Policy

People's decisions to use e-cigarettes, as well as perceptions about associated risks, are influenced by the e-cigarettes' nicotine levels and available flavors. The influence of these characteristics on decision-making and perceived risk differs between people who smoke cigarettes and people who do not smoke.
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