Biography of Steven Gust, Ph.D.

Dr. Steven W. Gust directs NIDA’s International Program, which coordinates the Institute’s global research, research training, and education efforts. In addition he serves as the Institute liaison within NIH and other U.S. agencies, foreign governments, and international, regional, and nongovernmental organizations.

Before assuming leadership of the NIDA International Program, Dr. Gust served as deputy and acting director of the Institute’s Office on HIV and as a special assistant to the director responsible for research on the medical uses of marijuana. He joined NIDA in 1986 in the Clinical and Behavioral Pharmacology Branch, Division of Clinical Research, and has served as chief of the Research Section for the NIDA Division of Applied Research Workplace Performance Research Branch.

Before joining the Government, Dr. Gust also conducted research at the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Department of Health. He has served on the Surgeon General’s Advisory Group on the Health Effects of Smokeless Tobacco; the Transportation Research Board Committee on Alcohol, Other Drugs, and Transportation; and the White House Health Care Reform Task Force.