Other Diversity and Health Disparities Information

American Indian/Alaska Native Outreach
The American Indian/Alaska Native programs are designed to improve AI/AN health and eliminate substance abuse-related health disparities. For information on research opportunities and specific questions related to NIDA’s AI/AN activities, contact Kathy Etz, Director of the Native American Program at NIDA.

Addressing the Challenges of the Opioid Epidemic in Minority Health and Health Disparities Research in the U.S. (R01 Clinical Trial Optional)
This goal of this funding opportunity is to support investigative and collaborative research focused on determining the mechanisms for the variation in the prevalence of Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). In addition, it also seeks to understand and reduce disparities in opioid care in minority health and health disparity populations in the U.S. FOA: PAR-18-747

Addressing Health Disparities through Effective Interventions Among Immigrant Populations (R21)
The goal of the Immigrant health initiative is to support exploratory and developmental research to design and test feasibility of effective interventions to reduce health disparities among immigrant populations (particularly migrant workers, recent and 1st generation immigrants) and address issues that promote health equity. FOA: PA-17-044

NIDA Diversity Committee Roster