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Management Analysis Branch (MAB)

What We Do:

MAB performs the following functions:

  • Develops policies, practices, and procedures, and monitors implementation of management and administrative policies for the Institute;
  • Provides advice and/or recommendations on management and administrative policies for the Institute;
  • Designs, develops, and performs management studies, analyses, surveys, reports, and related activities to improve management efficiencies, resource allocations, and policy compliance; 
  • Prepares staff papers and reports on management and administrative issues at the request of Institute staff and in response to requirements from NIH and DHHS; 
  • Coordinates, analyzes, and provides advice on all organization change proposals for the Institute;
  • Administers and coordinates the Institute-wide performance management and appraisal program;
  • Serves as liaison for the Institute with respect to investigational reviews (e.g., GAO, OIG, OMA);
  • Works with management to address and resolve administrative and operational issues which impact employees, performance, morale and the work environment; 
  • Serves as liaison for the Institute on a variety of other issues including HR, EEO, workforce diversity, and Quality of Work life;
  • Manages and acts as the point of contact for the NIH mandated training programs;
  • Maintains manual issuance and delegation of authority systems;
  • Coordinates the Institute Records Management program;
  • Coordinates the Institute's Risk Management Program;
  • Serves as "change agent" to facilitate changes affecting the Institute;
  • Serves as the IC A-76 coordinator.
  • Serves as IC NBS liaison.


Subject Matter Expert Contact List

Management Analysis Branch
Name Title Phone Areas of Responsibility
Gloria Dabbondanza Chief (301) 827-4074
  • Oversight of all management analysis for NIDA HQ
Evelyn Anderson Program Specialist (301) 443-8764
  • Mandatory Training Coordinator
  • Property Management
  • Green Initiative
Darius Bickham Management Analyst (301) 827-4072
  • Communications
  • Conference Approval on Non-HHS
  • A-76
  • Organizational Change Manager
  • Delegations of Authority/Manual Chapters
Steve Brito Management Analyst (301) 443-4577
  • Risk Management Program
  • HHS Conference Approval
  • Management Studies
Neshia Hamiel-Schaub Management Analyst (301) 443-4577
  • Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey
  • Senior T42 recruitment and performance management
  • Exit survey
  • Onboarding
Maggie Stevenson Management Analysis (301) 443-9663  

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