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What We Do:

DESPR's HIV/AIDS Workgroup supports DESPR's mission by facilitating the integration of HIV/AIDS throughout the Division's growing and dynamic epidemiology, prevention, and services research program. Specifically, the Workgroup is DESPR's primary resource on all matters concerning HIV/AIDS and substance abuse. It serves to disseminate information regarding the administration of HIV/AIDS grants to DESPR's branches; respond to requests to DESPR for information on HIV/AIDS; develop HIV/AIDS initiatives in response to emerging developments in the AIDS epidemic among drug users; participate in and/or organize HIV/AIDS-related scientific meetings for the Division; and identify and inform others throughout the Division about new and emerging findings on HIV/AIDS and substance abuse.

Workgroup Members:

Elizabeth Lambert, M.Sc., Chair
Richard Jenkins, Ph.D.
Dionne Jones, Ph.D.

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