Women & Sex/Gender Differences Research Group Members


Office of the Director

  • Katherine Davenny, M.P.H. - HIV/AIDS & other infectious diseases; medical consequences; medical/prevention interventions; mother-infant transmission; cross-NIH collaborations
  • Jose Ruiz, Ph.D. PMP - scientific training and career development, project management, science policy, tools for research program analyses/evaluations

Office of Science Policy and Communications (OSPC)

  • Carol Krause, M.A. - public education and outreach; media; web content; social marketing

Center for the Clinical Trials Network (CCTN)

  • Carmen L. Rosa, M.S. - clinical research/clinical trials; regulatory affairs; health disparities/ethnic populations; women's health; and criminal justice
  • Betty Tai, Ph.D. - clinical pharmacology; clinical trials relevant to clinical practice

Division of Extramural Research (DER)

Division of Epidemiology, Services and Prevention Research (DESPR)

  • Heather Kimmel, Ph.D. - epidemiology of drug use and disorder; interactions between policy and drug use; polysubstance use and outcomes; translational research in substance use and outcomes
  • Dionne J. Jones, Ph.D. - interventions and treatment services for HIV/AIDS; gender differences; co-occurring disorders; ethnic populations (african american)
  • Elizabeth Lambert, M.Sc. - natural history and epidemiology of HIV/AIDS among drug users; HIV/AIDS and drug abuse; clinical epidemiology and HIV disease
  • Jacqueline Lloyd, Ph.D. - drug abuse prevention interventions; HIV prevention in at risk populations; peer and social network prevention interventions; role of family and peer factors on adolescent drug use
  • Marsha Lopez, Ph.D. - epidemiology of drug use and disorder; comorbidity of drug and other psychiatric disorders; national studies examining the patterns of drug use and disorder across the life course; research training
  • Karen Sirocco, Ph.D. - clinical neuropsychology; comorbid mental health disorders; consequences of youth drug use/abuse

Division of Neuroscience & Behavior (DNB)

Division of Therapeutics and Medical Consequences (DTMC)

  • Will Aklin, Ph.D. - treatment development; research to test efficacy; theory-derived putative targets/mechanisms of behavior change; adherence; integration of behavioral and pharmacological treatments
  • Jag H. Khalsa, Ph.D. - medical consequences of drugs of abuse and co-occurring infections including HIV, Hepatitis C, STDs, TB and others
  • Philip Krieter, Ph.D. - ADME


Any questions or concerns regarding the Women and Gender Research Group please contact Cora Lee Wetherington, Ph.D., (301) 435-1319.