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Accelerated Development of Additive Pharmacotherapy Treatment (ADAPT)

This 2 stage study will investigate the effectiveness and safety of a combination pharmacotherapy for methamphetamine use disorder.  Stage 1 will include 20 participants with moderate or severe stimulant use disorder who will receive a monthly injection of extended-release depot naltrexone plus once-daily bupropion extended-release tablets for 8 weeks.  If Stage 1 data documents success in at least 3 “responder” study participants, Stage 2 will follow utilizing the same protocol as in Stage 1, to enroll an additional group of 29 participants.

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Principal Investigator(s)
Walter Ling, M.D.
Integrated Substance Abuse Programs
University of California, Los Angeles
11075 Santa Monica Boulevard
Suite 200
Los Angeles, CA 90025

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