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Revised May 2012

  • Allen Brain Atlas
    The Allen Brain Atlas project, named for its founder Paul G. Allen, will combine the disciplines of neuroanatomy and genomics to create the most comprehensive map of the brain at the cellular level, illustrating the functional anatomy of the brain through a collection of gene expression maps, brain circuits and cell locations.
  • Entrez Genome
    The whole genomes of over 1000 viruses and over 100 microbes can be found in Entrez Genome. The genomes represent both completely sequenced organisms and those for which sequencing is in progress. Microbial genomes are represented, as well as many viruses and organelles.
  • Map Viewer
    The Map Viewer is a genome browser for eukaryotic genomes.
  • Mitomap
    Mitomap is a human mitochondrial genome database.

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    Outlines NIDA’s drug abuse and addiction research strategic priorities for the next 5 years, focusing on prevention, treatment, HIV/AIDS, and other cross-cutting issues.