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NIDA Resources

A wealth of material regarding various aspects of drug abuse and addiction is available, free of charge, from NIDA. Most of the following materials are available on the NIDA Web site. In addition to these publications, many reports – such as the Director's report to NIDA's National Advisory Council on Drug Abuse – are available online. The following materials are among those available from NIDA.

NIDA DrugFacts

NIDA DrugFacts is an online series of fact sheets on specific drugs, trends in use, and prevention and treatment issues. The fact sheets are available in English and Spanish. They are written for use by the general public.

NIDA Research Reports

This series of reports simplifies research findings for the educated lay public, legislators, educational groups, and practitioners. The series reports on research findings of national interest, such as prescription drug abuse, tobacco addiction, and HIV/AIDS. Research Reports are available in English and Spanish.

NIDA Notes

NIDA Notes, is the Institute's major vehicle for relaying research findings to the field in a timely manner. It covers the areas of treatment and prevention research, epidemiology, neuroscience, behavioral research, health services research, and HIV/AIDS. The publication reports on advances in the drug abuse field; identifies NIDA research priorities and opportunities; promotes an exchange of information; and seeks to improve communication among clinicians, researchers, administrators, and policymakers.

NIDA Web Site

Through its online presence, NIDA strives to communicate its research findings to the wide-ranging audiences it serves, which include students, parents, teachers, researchers, scientists, prevention and treatment practitioners, health care professionals, policymakers, constituent groups, children and adolescents, underserved populations, and the general public. Most of NIDA's publications are available on NIDA's Web site: www.drugabuse.gov/publications.

Special features include:

  • NIDA news releases
  • Upcoming NIDA-sponsored meetings and conferences
  • International activities related to research on drug abuse and addiction
  • NIDA organizational units and funding information
  • NIDA materials available in Spanish
  • Public service announcements

Other NIDA sites:

NIDA Flickr site to view and download images:

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