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Unaccredited Module 1: Safe Prescribing for Pain

The following test-and-teach case is an educational activity modeled on the interactive grand rounds approach. The questions within the activity are designed to test your current knowledge. After each question, you will see whether you answered correctly and can then read evidence-based information that supports the most appropriate answer choice. Please note that these questions are designed to challenge you; you will not be penalized for answering the questions incorrectly. At the end of the case, there will be a short posttest assessment based on material covered in the activity.

Case Presentation

JoelleJoelle is a 25-year-old woman who sustained a third-degree ankle sprain in a motor vehicle accident. She was transported to a local hospital emergency department (ED) where she was treated, her ankle was placed in a boot, and she was given crutches. The treating clinician assessed the patient prior to prescribing pain medication.

Which of the following would be the least important factor to consider before prescribing pain medication for this patient?

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