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National Prevention Week, May 12-18

Revised May 2013

National Prevention Week is a SAMHSA-supported annual health observance dedicated to increasing public awareness of, and action around, substance abuse and mental health issues. This observance is an opportunity to join with other individuals, organizations, and coalitions in your community to promote prevention efforts, educate others about behavioral health issues, and create and strengthen community partnerships.

National Prevention Week 2013 will take place May 12-18, 2013. Sign and share the "Prevention Pledge" on SAMHSA’s Facebook page to make a difference and commit to a healthy lifestyle. This year's theme, "Your voice. Your choice. Make a difference.," emphasizes that the prevention of substance abuse and promotion of mental health starts with the choices each of us makes in our own life. Through our choices, we can set an example of health and well-being for others. With our voices—whether spoken or written—we can raise awareness of behavioral health issues and help create healthier and safer communities.

New for National Prevention Week 2013, the "I Choose" Project invites you to take a photograph of yourself or your friends holding a sign with a written statement about why you or they choose prevention. Photos will be uploaded to the "I Choose" photo gallery for others to see.

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