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NIDA Offers Online Training for International Community

March 01, 2011

Free training courses on addiction and drug abuse research are available to anyone with Internet access, courtesy of NIDA's International Program. The program supports the development and testing of online educational modules for addiction professionals around the globe. Researchers and clinicians in the United States will also find the courses useful; upon completion, they can earn continuing medical education credits. The offerings include:

  • Biostatistics for Drug and Substance Abuse Research
  • Evaluating Drug and Substance Abuse Programs
  • Designing and Managing Drug and Substance Abuse Clinical Trials
  • Neurobiology of Addiction Clinicians.

Scientists, community-based organizers, policymakers, and public health officials can access these courses—which include self-assessment questions, practical examples, links to resources, and with payment of a modest fee, printable copies of the course materials—at http://www.DrugAbuseResearchTraining.org.

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