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Detoxification Services and Pharmacotherapies Lacking in Nation's Jails and Prisons

December 01, 2010

Although many people in jails and prisons have a history of substance abuse, the majority of correctional facilities offer neither detoxification services to help inmates through drug withdrawal nor pharmacotherapies, such as methadone, naltrexone, or buprenorphine, to aid them in maintaining abstinence. The findings were derived from responses to a nationally representative sample of 198 correctional institutions that participated in the National Criminal Justice Treatment Practices survey, which was developed by NIDA's Criminal Justice–Drug Abuse Treatment Studies research network.


Oser, C.B., et al. Organizational-level correlates of the provision of detoxification services and medication-based treatments for substance abuse in correctional institutions. Drug and Alcohol Dependence 103S:S73–S81, 2009. [Full Text (PDF, 336KB)]

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