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Memory Work-out

Shots of three computer screens for Memory Workout Study

This figure shows three computer screen images. Screens A and B pertain to the memory trainee’s initial task, which is to sort words by categories and memorize them. Screen A shows 4 columns labeled Writing Tools, Insects, Names Girl, and Fruits, each containing blank spaces for 5 words. Below the columns is a 4x5 grid of 20 words, randomly arranged, 5 of which fall into each of the column categories. Screen B shows the sorting task successfully completed: The words from the grid have been moved up and now fill the appropriate columns; e.g., the Fruits column now contains the words Pear, Apple, Orange, Bananas, Peach. A bar at the bottom of the screen says:  “Press here when you are ready to be tested.” Screen C pertains to the trainee’s last task, which is to recognize the 20 words from among those featured in a single very long column of words and move them into a blank 4x5 grid. In the example, the trainee has correctly remembered 8 of the words that appeared in Screen A and moved them into the grid.

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