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Thai Researchers Translate NIDA Notes Articles

The Anti Narcotic-Coordinating Center of the Thai National Council on Social Welfare has translated articles from NIDA Notes to make the material more accessible to researchers and policymakers in the region. Nittaya Vairojanavong, M.A., coordinator of the nongovernmental organization, translated articles about the effects of exercise on cocaine seeking (NIDA Notes April 2012; 24[2]); medications that target the glutamate system to reduce drug seeking (NIDA Notes October 2010; 23[2]); and the NIDA Women and Sex/Gender Research Program (NIDA Notes April 2012; 24[2]). All NIDA publications are within the public domain, which means that anyone may use or reproduce the publications without first seeking permission from NIDA. This includes translating publications into another language. NIDA requests that the Institute be cited as the source of the material, and copies of translated materials may be sent to the NIDA International Program, ip@nida.nih.gov.

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