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Topics in Brief


Medications Development at NIDA (Topics in Brief)

Actualizada en noviembre del 2011.
Offers an update on the research strategy underway in the push to develop effective addiction medications, including currently approved drugs, new compounds, and vaccines.


Marijuana (Topics in Brief)

Actualizada en diciembre del 2011.
Provides a brief update on the research on marijuana use, including its health effects, the potential for addiction, treatment, and marijuana in medicine.


Linked Epidemics: Drug Abuse and HIV/AIDS (Topics in Brief)

Impresa en octubre del 2005.
Examines the link between HIV/AIDS and drug abuse and the research underway to treat drug abuse, a potential prevention method for HIV/AIDS.


Genetics of Addiction (Topics in Brief)

Actualizada en abril del 2008.
Explores the research advances regarding genetics and addiction, discusses the potential role of the environment in the disease, and the promise of personalized medicine.


Drugs, Brains, and Behavior: The Science of Addiction (Topics in Brief)

Actualizada en enero del 2007.
Provides an overview of the science behind drug abuse and addiction, discussing why certain people are more likely to become addicted, how drugs work in the brain, and how addiction can be successfully treated.


Drug Abuse Prevention (Topics in Brief)

Actualizada en Marzo del 2007.
Describes the research underway to better understand and tailor prevention efforts for drug abuse and addiction.


Comorbid Drug Abuse and Mental Illness (Topics in Brief)

Actualizada en octubre del 2007.
Provides a research update on comorbid drug abuse and mental illness, exploring why they commonly occur, how common they are, and how they can be diagnosed and treated.


Buprenorphine: Treatment for Opiate Addiction Right in the Doctor's Office (Topics in Brief)

Actualizada en agosto del 2006.
Provides an update on buprenorphine, an effective treatment for opioid addiction, explaining how it helps patients quite opioid addiction and the efforts underway to engage community treatment providers.