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Topics in Brief


Substance Abuse among the Military, Veterans, and their Families (Topics in Brief)

Actualizada en abril del 2011.
Explores the scope of substance abuse among the military, veterans, and their families, and discusses the research underway to better understand their issues and identify solutions.


Treating Offenders with Drug Problems: Integrating Public Health and Public Safety (Topics in Brief)

Actualizada en mayo del 2011.
Examines the extent of drug abuse among people within the criminal justice system and the continuum of treatment necessary to decrease future drug abuse as well as criminal behavior.


Prenatal Exposure to Drugs of Abuse (Topics in Brief)

Impresa en abril del 2009. Actualizada en mayo del 2011.
Offers a research update on pregnancy and drug abuse, exploring potential adverse effects on fetal development and promising treatments for pregnant women.


Medications Development at NIDA (Topics in Brief)

Actualizada en noviembre del 2011.
Offers an update on the research strategy underway in the push to develop effective addiction medications, including currently approved drugs, new compounds, and vaccines.


Methamphetamine Addiction: Progress, but Need to Remain Vigilant (Topics in Brief)

Impresa en Marzo del 2007. Actualizada en noviembre del 2011.
Declines in Methamphetamine Abuse by Youth


Marijuana (Topics in Brief)

Actualizada en diciembre del 2011.
Provides a brief update on the research on marijuana use, including its health effects, the potential for addiction, treatment, and marijuana in medicine.


Prescription Drug Abuse (Topics in Brief)

Actualizada en diciembre del 2011.
Provides a brief overview of the non-medical use of prescription drugs, examining prevalence, health risks associated with use, treatment options, and research underway on the topic.


Tobacco Addiction (Topics in Brief)

Actualizada en junio del 2012.
Examines the scope of tobacco use in the U.S., what makes it addictive, and potential treatment options for tobacco addiction.