In English
6/26/15 to 7/1/15
NSA Annual Conference
Location: Baltimore, MD
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7/10/15 to 7/13/15
2015 NACo Annual Conference and Exposition
Location: Charlotte, NC
7/11/15 to 7/15/15
AACP Annual Meeting
Location: National Harbor, MD
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7/19/15 to 7/22/15
21st Annual Drug Court Training Conference
Location: National Harbor, MD
7/30/15 to 8/4/15
ABA Annual Meeting
Location: Chicago, Illinois
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8/4/15 to 8/10/15
Cellular Biology of Addiction Meeting
Location: Cold Spring Harbor, New York, USA
Meeting Web site
8/6/15 to 8/9/15
American Psychological Association - Annual Meeting
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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8/8/15 to 8/11/15
NCAD Conference 2015
Location: St. Louis, MO
Meeting Web site
8/14/15 to 8/19/15
145th Congress of Correction
Location: Indianapolis, IN
8/18/15 to 8/21/15
International Drug Abuse Research Society (IDARS)
Location: Sydney, Australia
Meeting Web site
8/29/15 to 9/1/15
European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP)
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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(8:30-5:30 ET)

Toma el reto nacional sobre el coeficiente intelectual (CI) sobre las drogas