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Listening to the Dead

A guest blog by Bill Williams

Teen Opioid Prescriptions Raise Risk of Later Opioid Misuse

Recent research has highlighted concerns that legitimate medicinal use of prescribed opioid pain medications may be a pathway to opioid misuse and opioid use disorders among adults, raising new questions about the risks versus benefits of these drugs in treating some forms of chronic pain.

Monitoring the Future 2015 Survey Results

NIH’s 2015 Monitoring the Future survey shows long term decline in illicit drug use, prescription opioid abuse, cigarette and alcohol use among the nation’s youth.

NARCAN Nasal Spray: Life-Saving Science at NIDA

Advancement in the biomedical field, especially in medications development, comes in small increments. The many minor discoveries on the path to a new drug may not be individually newsworthy, but when those years of hard work culminate in a new treatment that changes how we practice medicine or improves public health, it is important to celebrate our success.

Digital Addiction Therapies Affirm Promise in Replication and Large Trial

Two computerized programs improved outcomes when they were used to supplement or partially replace in-person behavioral therapy for drug addiction in recent NIDA-sponsored trials.


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NIDA redesigns Easy to Read and Learn the Link websites for mobile devices

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has redesigned two of its websites, Easy to Read and Learn the Link, for use on mobile devices.


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