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Prescription Drugs

Patient-Centered Learning: Substance Abuse in a Physician - The Connor Johnson Case


Highlights substance abuse among physicians and offers a case study to help students understand the risks and signs of drug abuse in the physician population.

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High Rates of Illegal Drug Use Among Alcohol-Dependent Adults

Highlights data on the prevalence of rates of illegal drug use and nonmedical use of prescription drugs among adults dependant on alcohol, as compared with the general population.

Prescription Drug Abuse: An Introduction


Provides an overview of prescription drug abuse, framed within the clinical scenario of chronic pain management in the outpatient setting.

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Opioid Risk Management Objective Structured Clinical Exams (OSCE)


Uses performance-based assessments to examine approaches to managing patients who require long term opioid analgesics for chronic pain.

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Meeting Reviews Progress On Prescription Opioid Misuse

Describes a meeting of researchers and clinicians who gathered to discuss the challenges in balancing appropriate pain treatment with efforts to minimize prescription opioid misuse.

Teen Substance Abuse Continues to Decline

Reports on the prevalence of substance abuse among youth based on 2007 data from a national survey of behaviors, attitudes, and values.

Alcohol Abuse Makes Prescription Drug Abuse More Likely

Reports on results from a study showing that men and women with alcohol use disorders are more likely to report nonmedical use of prescription drugs than people who don't drink at all.

Morphine-Induced Immunosuppression, From Brain to Spleen

Reports on scientists who pinpointed the biochemical trigger from morphine that sets off a chain reaction that inhibits an immune cell that is key in fighting viruses and cancer.

Basic Science Discoveries Yield Novel Approaches to Analgesia

Describes research to develop new compounds that match or exceed the pain relief provided by opioids while avoiding their shortcomings.

Smoking and Drinking Continue to Decline, But Marijuana Stalls in Latest MTF Survey

Highlights trends from a 2008 survey of teenage substance abuse, cigarette smoking and alcohol use and discusses the implications of these changing data.