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Management Analysis Branch (MAB)

What We Do:

The NIDA Management Analysis Branch executes innovative management initiatives to support the NIH and NIDA missions.

The MAB performs the following functions:

  • Develops policies, practices, and procedures, and monitors implementation of management and administrative policies for the Institute;
  • Prepares staff papers and reports on management and administrative issues at the request of Institute staff and in response to requirements from NIH and DHHS;
  • Analyzes effects of changes in management and administrative policies and procedures by organizational levels above the NIDA and advises the Executive Officer of these effects;
  • Coordinates the Institute's Risk Management Program;
  • Designs, develops, and performs management studies, analyses, surveys, reports, and related activities to improve management efficiencies, resource allocations, and policy compliance;
  • Plans, directs, and coordinates administrative initiatives;
  • Serves as liaison for the Institute with respect to investigational reviews (e.g., GAO, OIG, OMA);
  • Maintains manual issuance and delegation of authority systems;
  • Plans, directs, and provides centralized administrative services and management support for the records management program;
  • Coordinates, analyzes, and provides advice on all organization change proposals for the Institute;
  • Serves as "change agent" to facilitate changes affecting the Institute; and
  • Serves as the IC A-76 coordinator.

Subject Matter Expert Contact List

Management Analysis Branch
Name Title Phone Areas of Responsibility
Nathaniel Fredericks Branch Chief (301) 443-6487
  • Directs All Management Analyst Services for NIDA HQ
Darius Bickham Management Analyst (301) 402-1351
  • A-76
  • Communications
  • Green Team
  • Human Capital
  • NIDA Navigator
  • Process Mapping
William Etti Management Analyst (301) 402-1676
  • Records Management
  • Emergency Preparedness/CRT
  • Student Loan Repayment Program
  • Delegations of Authority/Manual Chapters


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